Forget sorting and labeling large amounts of offline data and creating training and testing datasets.

Augmented AI gives the quality manager control with QualiCenter™ – a cockpit where you define your quality requirements. Easy to use, powerful results.

QualiSense’s solution introduces Augmented AI where the user and the AI work in tandem to generate a model that perfectly fits the inspection requirements.

This is what Augmented AI is all about. Users guide the learning process instead of a black box model creation.


To achieve our mission, we devised an innovative technology that allows any production or quality engineer to build, tune and maintain an inspection model without AI expertise. Our platform is designed to work in production lines and to be operated by production and QC personnel without the need for endless data sorting & labeling.

Our technology combines several AI engines, including unsupervised learning, semi supervised, active learning and more. These engines are chained and work in tandem to deliver a new and improved experience for the quality manager.

Unique Features



Designed to be work on the production floor with no data sorting and labeled images required


Guided Learning

The quality manager guides the model learning process with minimal feedback


Easy and Scalable Setup

Fast and easy implementation of new use cases


Robust by Design

Designed to withstand changing production conditions


Our platform allows system integrators and quality managers to be at the forefront of model creation

Easy Deployment

We made the system easy to use by any shop floor employee with automated sorting and labeling engines that makes the setup process fast and simple

Software Only

QualiSense is a SW only system developed by design to work with any standard cameras with out-of-the-box GigE protocol and support any standard PLC for fast automation implementation

HW Agnostic

Supports your existing investment for quick and affordable retrofits or to your new inspection line

Fast and Secure On Premise

Designed to run on premise, on any standard industrial computer, for high throughputs and to meet IT security requirements to protect your data

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