AI Engines

We use state-of-the art AI technologies, combining unsupervised learning, semi-supervised and weakly supervised learning, teacher-student training and active learning. Multiple AI engines are deployed in tandem to deliver a new experience to the quality manager.


QualiSense develops and maintains a self-supervised backbone engine designed specifically for production-related visual inspection tasks and multiple use-cases.

Interactive Experience

Through these AI engines, we are able to automate the most tedious tasks of model generation, transforming the process into an interactive experience where the system adjusts according to your inputs and needs.

Our unique pipeline consists of the following components:

  • Part definition, regions of interest, defect sizes and sensitivities
  • Collection of normal production data
  • Automatic data mining and clustering
  • User cluster feedback
  • Auto-label
  • User feedback
  • Model transfer learning


We already have 18 patent pending applications and 14 more in the pipeline relating to our unique capabilities and approach. As part of Cortica Group, our algorithm research team has access to the knowledge base of more than 150 AI researchers with more than 300 registered AI patents. We leverage the most up-to-date AI advancements to democratize AI for production lines.

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research behind our patented
machine learning algorithms,
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